Recent talks

‘Transfinite transitivity’, Ockham Society, Oxford, October 2019

‘Comments on Keith Hankins’s “Social Choice and the Tradeoff Between Utilizing and Imputing Information”’, Collective Intentions and the Act of Voting conference, Oxford, July 2019

‘Yet another argument against anti‑aggregation’, Formal Ethics Conference, Ghent, June 2019

‘Equality and population size’, Princeton Population Ethics Conference, Graduate Session, May 2019

‘Intrinsic value, extrinsic identity’, ISUS conference, Karlsruhe, July 2018

‘Intrinsic value, extrinsic identity’, CEPPA Graduate Conference, St Andrews, February 2018

Work in progress

1. Transfinitely transitive value [abstract]

2. The risky existential question and the repugnant conclusion (joint work with Michal Masny) [abstract]

3. Yet another argument against anti-aggregation [abstract]

4. Allais preferences are bad for you [abstract]

5. Equality and population size [abstract]

6. Risk times infinity [abstract]

If you are interested in reading any of my drafts, send me an email at kacper dot kowalczyk at