Kacper Kowalczyk

I am an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at University College London. I joined UCL in 2020 as a Teaching Fellow. Between 2021 and 2023, I was a Research Fellow supported by a grant from Longview Philanthropy.

I received a DPhil from Oxford in 2021, a BPhil from Oxford in 2016, and a BA from Cambridge in 2014. I am interested in population ethics, personal identity, equality, aggregation, risk, and decision theory.

You can email me at kacper.kowalczyk [at]

I am also on PhilPapers. I record most of my referee work on Web of Science.


Opaque Options. (With Aidan Penn.) Philosophical Studies, forthcoming. [abstract]

Ex-Ante Pareto and the Opaque-Identity Puzzle. (With Johan Gustafsson.) Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming. [abstract]

Saving Fanaticism. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming. [abstract]

Risk, Non-Identity, and Extinction. The Monist, vol. 107, no. 2, April 2024, pp. 146-156. (With Nikhil Venkatesh.) [abstract]

A New Puzzle for Limited Aggregation. Analysis, Advance Articles, February 2024. [abstract]

People in Suitcases. Journal of Moral Philosophy, vol. 20, no. 1-2, March 2023, pp. 3-30. [abstract]

Johnston versus Johnston. Synthese, vol. 200, issue 2, April 2022, article 167. [abstract]

Transfinitely Transitive Value. Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 72, no. 1, January 2022, pp. 108–34. [abstract]


Persons, Populations, and Value. DPhil thesis, University of Oxford, 2020. [abstract]


Towards Full Aggregation. Workshop on Aggregation, Fribourg, December 2023.

Deontic Cyclicity. With Tomi Francis. Workshop on Social Contract Theory and Dynamic Decision Theory, Stockholm, December 2023.

A New Puzzle for Limited Aggregation. Aristotelian Society Open Session, London, July 2023.

Longtermism as Fairness. International Society for Utilitarian Studies, Rome, July 2023.

A New Puzzle for Limited Aggregation. Society for Applied Philosophy Conference, Antwerp, June 2023.

Longtermism as Fairness. LSE-GPI Workshop on Longtermism, London, May 2023.

A New Argument for Fanaticism. Workshop on Unboundedness, Austin, November 2022.

A New Argument for Fanaticism. Workshop on Welfare, Saarbrücken, June 2022.

Allais Preferences are Bad for You. Risk Attitudes Workshop, Princeton, May 2021.

Yet Another Argument Against Anti-Aggregation. Formal Ethics Conference, Ghent, June 2019.

Equality and Population Size. Princeton Population Ethics Graduate Conference, May 2019.

Intrinsic Value, Extrinsic Identity. ISUS conference, Karlsruhe, July 2018.

Intrinsic Value, Extrinsic Identity. CEPPA Graduate Conference, St Andrews, February 2018.

In Polish

Longtermizm, czyli pojutrze ludzkości. Znak, January 2023, issue 812.

Discussed on Tok FM (here, here) and in Gazeta Wyborcza (here, here).

Człowiek, gatunek międzyplanetarny. Znak, January 2023, issue 812 (conversation with Nick Bostrom).

Czy granice mają moralne znaczenie? Znak, February 2022, issue 801 (conversation with David Miller).

Dobroczynna prokreacja. Znak, October 2017, issue 749 (conversation with Julian Savulescu).

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